We encourage all church members to establish a method of regular financial giving towards the work of the church, both locally and in the wider community.

Establishing a regular electronic transfer:

A regular electronic transfer from your bank account can be set up by either:

  1. Visiting your bank and filling out a periodic transfer form specifying the information below; or
  2. Logging into your on-line bank account and setting up a periodic payment specifying the information below:
    • The payee:
      • Account name: “Belrose UC Property Committee”
      • BSB: 634-634
      • Account number: 100001487
    • Your giving $ amount;
    • The frequency of payment, ie weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one off; and
    • A reference:
      • “Your Name (optional)”, and
      • “Offering (required)” or “Donation (required) or “Mission of the Month” (required)

Offering Envelopes:

Offering envelopes are normally available for those who prefer them.